Peer-reviewed articles

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  • Special issue:
    “A Systemic Perspective on Urban Food Supply: Assessing Different Types of Urban Agriculture”

  • Artmann, M.; Specht, K.; Vávra, J.; Rommel, M. (2021) Introduction to the Special Issue “A Systemic Perspective on Urban Food Supply: Assessing Different Types of Urban Agriculture”. Sustainability 2021, 13, 3798.
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Conference Papers

Caputo, S., Schoen, V., Specht, K. and Grard, B. (2019)
The Urban Agriculture Nexus; Presentation at AESOP-Sustainable Food Planning (SFP) International Conference 2019 „Agroecological transitions confronting climate breakdown: Food planning for the post-carbon city“; 07.11.2019; Madrid, Spain. Online available here:

Conference Oral and Poster Presentations

Poniży, L., Béchet, B., Blythe, C., Caputo S., Cohen, N., Dorr, E., Fox-Kämper, R., Grard, B., Goldstein, B., Ilieva, R., Jean-Soro, L., Lelievre, A., Newell, J., Schoen, V., Specht, K., Spiżewski, T., (2020), An integrative approach to urban agriculture. The methodological framework of the FEW-meter project.

Presentation at Dresden Nexus Conference 2020 “Circular Economy in a Sustainable Society”; 04.06.2020 (online).

Schoen, V.; Caputo, S. and Blythe, C. (2020), Measuring physical and social output of community gardens: a pilot case study.

Presentation at Dresden Nexus Conference 2020, Circular Economy in a Sustainable Society, 3-5 June 2020 (online).

Specht, K., Grard, B., Poniży, L., Fox-Kämper, R., Caputo, S., Cohen, N., Newell, J., Jean-Soro, L. and Goldstein, B. (2018)
The FEW-meter: An integrative model to measure and improve urban agriculture, shifting it towards circular urban metabolism.

Presentation at ESP Europe Regional Conference 2018: Ecosystem services in a changing world: moving from theory to practice, 16.10.2018; San Sebastian, Spain.

Specht, K., Schimichowski, J. and Fox-Kämper, R. (2019)
Spatial context and legal environment of urban agriculture in the Ruhr metropolitan area (Germany); Presentation at 19. World Congress of International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE); 02.07.2019; Milano, Italy.

Specht, K., Fox-Kämper, R., Cohen, N., Ilieva, R., Grard, B., Bechet, B., Poniży, L., Caputo, S., Schoen, V., Newell, J., Goldstein, B. and Jean-Soro, L.. (2019)
Urban Agriculture and the Food-Energy-Water-NEXUS: Comparison of Policy Documents of five Metropolitan Regions in Europe and the U.S.

Poster presentation at AESOP-Sustainable Food Planning (SFP) International Conference 2019 „Agroecological transitions confronting climate breakdown: Food planning for the post-carbon city“; 08.11.2019, Madrid, Spain. Online available:

Specht, K., Fox-Kämper, R., Kirby, C., Ilieva, R., Schoen, V., Bechet, B., Ponizy, L., Cohen, N., Caputo, S., Grard, B., and Hawes, J. (2020)
How does urban agriculture connect to food/water/energy- NEXUS policies? Insights from Europe and the U.S.

Presentation at Dresden Nexus Conference 2020; 04.06.2020, Videoconference.

Cohen, N. (2020, December 18), FEW Meter Project: Measuring the Food, Energy, Water and Social Impacts of Urban Agriculture, Lecture presented as part of the Seminar Series of Urban FEW, A Research Coordination Network for the Study of the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus for Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT),

Book Chapters

Specht, K., Schimikowski, J. and Fox-Kämper, R. (2021): Multifunctional Urban Landscapes: The Potential Role of Urban Agriculture as an Element of Sustainable Land Management in: Weith, Th., Barkmann, T., Gaasch, N., Rogga, S., Strauß, C., Zscheischler, J. (Eds.): Sustainable Land Management in a European Context. Springer International Publishing; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-50841-8

Policy Briefs and Other Publications

Specht, K. and Fox-Kämper, R. (2018);
Forschungsprojekt FEW-Meter. Ressourcenströme in der urbanen Landwirtschaft messbar machen. In: Transforming Cities, No. 03/2018, p. 30–31.

Fox-Kämper R. and Specht, K. (2020);
„Global denken, lokal essen” – Lokale Ernährungssysteme im Trend. In: Der Lebensmittelbrief – ernährung aktuell, Jg. 31, Mai/Juni 2020, S. 8.

Fox-Kämper, Runrid; Specht, Kathrin (2020): Unterschätzte Kleingärten. Erste Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt FEW-Meter. In: Transforming Cities, Issue 4, p. 82–85.

Schoen, V. and Blythe, C., 2020, COVID-19: a growing opportunity for community gardening in London, RUAF,

An integrative approach to urban agriculture

Presentation – The methodological framework of the FEW-meter project >>


Fox-Kämper, Runrid , 2021, The role of allotment gardens in Germany and beyond, Interview for a science for a science programme broadcast on the radio (WDR5)