The FEW-meter was an international project funded under the call NEXUS FOOD-WATER-ENERGY, launched by JPI Urban Europe (

The FEW-meter project modeled the resource flows of urban agriculture through case study analysis in five countries, in order to measure the effects of different forms of urban agriculture on food, energy, and water resources and to identify methods to improve efficiency and advance urban sustainability.

Urban farmers and researchers collected data  presented on this website, with the aim of learning from each other and increase the resource efficiency of their production methods.

FEW-meter final report (May 2022)

Please download and read the report that summarises some of the main findings of our research project.

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Urban agriculture is in good health. A growing number of urban gardeners, farmers and community groups in cities around the world are committing themselves to grow food to improve their lives, their health, the neighbourhoods where they live, and their cities. Nevertheless, limited data are available about the impacts of this practice, and potential effects as urban agriculture expands. We developed the FEW-meter project to estimate the environmental, economic and social benefits of growing food in the city by examining varied cases in five cities in Europe and North America. We populated this website with data from these projects, documenting state-of-art of urban agriculture practices and sharing the insights learned with visitors to this website. Join us, use all the resources available on this website, and start a discussion with fellow urban gardeners and farmers through our website.